Will Jennings

Moments beyond the comfort zone

22 year old native New Yorker, a mechatronics engineer by day, and an adventure photographer by sunset. From July to December of 2022, I moved 2,500 miles across the country to Hood River, OR, to experience the world from a new point of view. Forty-five minutes after my plane landed I bought a beat up 2004 Saturn sedan - and hit the road. I gained unparalleled access to some of America's best nature, and a deeper connection with myself as I travelled over 14,000 miles solo to places like Alaska, Hawaii, and the whole West Coast. From not knowing a single face when I arrived, I got to connect with some incredible people, and learn from a diverse range of perspectives and lifestyles. These photographs are my documentation of my travels, and to me, a testament to saying "screw it, let's do it".