Foreboding Forest

As the winter sets in, a brook in Acadia National Park travels through an ominous marsh, the water rushing over the rocks and through the reeds. The trees stand tall and bare, their branches stark against the grey sky. The air is cold and still, and the marsh is shrouded in a sense of mystery and solitude. It's a scene of quiet beauty, a place where the wilderness reigns supreme.
  • Hand-made, solid wood frame
  • UV and scratch-resistant acrylic cover
  • Edge width of 1.125", depth of 0.75"
  • 2" polar white matting
  • Sizing: +6.5" to the listed print size
  • Ex: 12x18" framed print final size is 18.5x24.5"
  • Arrive ready to hang
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Foreboding Forest
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